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    Amberstars ceremony


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    Amberstars ceremony

    Post by Amberstar on Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:40 am

    Ambergaze padded up to the stones with Birdsong."I'll be waiting out here." Said Birdsong.She was still injured,but was getting better."Alright then."Responded Ambergaze as he plunged. his way into the dark tunnels.His pelt brushed the walls as he ran through the tunnels.He soon broke into a large cavern.A stone was glowing at the middle of it."Well,here goes nothing."Ambergaze muttered to himself.He padded up to the stone and touched noses with it,as he drifted into sleep.He woke in. Large forest,not Thunderclan forest,but Starclan forest.Starry outlines of cats stood before him,all with somewhat faded pelts."Welcome Amberstar."Said a cool voice.Ambergaze whipped around to see a cat with a pelt as orange as flames and glowing emerald eyes."f-F-Firestar!" He stammered,looking at the muscular cat."I've only heard stories of you!" "And may others here stories of you as well." Responded Firestar."For your first new life,I give you wisdom."So you know what's always best for your clan."Firestar touched noses with him and he felt a rush of cold sweep through him.Another cat took his place.Ambergaze immediately recognized this cat. "Father." He said."I'm so proud!" Said Bramblestar,his father."For my new life,I give you courage."To stand up tall in times of darkness."His father touched noses with him,a new rush of courage running through him. His father backed away as a gray tabby with shining blue eyes took his place."I am Jayfeather." He said. "I was one of the three."Ambergaze nodded and said "I have heard many tales." He nodded to. "For my gift of a life to you,I give you stubbornness.""To never give up even when chances seem low." BLAH BLAH BLAH OTHER STUFF BLAH BLAH HERES ENDING. A extremely faded brown tabby padded up to him. I am Thunder." Ambergaze gasped in shock. "And by the powers of Starclan I give you your last life." "The gift of love." Another rush passed through him and he expected Thunder to back away but he stood there."I know pronounce you Amberstar,leader of Thunderclan.

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